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What is Gumbo?

Gumbo (or Gumbo-CMS) is a Mutilingual MVC CMS written 'from scratch' in PHP 5 and that requires Apache 2.2+ and MySQL 5.6+ to function properly... .
In plain English, Gumbo is a ready-made website you can easily customize without really needing to know any programming language.

Great, but what can Gumbo do for me in a nutshell?

Whether your goal is to have potential clients discover your small to medium size business, its products, identity and philosophy, or to better deliver your message as a non-profit or even to just shout out about your passion for a particular topic to the rest of the world, Gumbo is just the tool you need to materialize that ambition. And it's completely free.

Interesting, but how can Gumbo help me build the website I truly need?

Once you have downloaded and installed your free copy, you can start adding your own content right away, typing it or pasting it from anywhere, saving yourself useless hours of text reprocessing. Then you can go on building whole menu sets graphically, assigning the modules you need, wherever you need them - a piece of cake with Gumbo.

Need to apply your own corporate style? Then no need to be a programming wizard - only a fair knowledge of CSS/HTML is required in this case.

Now tell me, why choose Gumbo over Drupal, Joomla and other big names?

Drupal, Joomla and the others are great projects, and I have been customizing a few Drupal installs myself in the past. But the two major drawbacks that come into mind right away are first that, you never really need even a third of the features they come equipped with, and second, the bigger the project, the harder you will bang your head onto the wall when you finally realize it's been three hours you're trying to figure out a simple operation you thought would only take 5 minutes at most.

Quickly name two great features Gumbo comes with?

Flat out?

    - The embedded TinyMCE editor will allow you to draft your articles, news, etc. as if you were drafting them on your favorite word processing program. And you can just as well paste some Internet content in it with just a single click. No need to recreate links or thumbnails, no need to reprocess text, HTML tags or anything. TinyMCE will take care of it all. What's more? It is multilingual too. Awesome, isn't it?

    - The menu management module in the backend will quickly charm you, because it makes it so easy and fast for anyone to build whole sets of menus and submenus graphically.

    But keep in mind those were only two features, Gumbo certainly contains many more ingredients and flavors to fulfill your Website needs.

But what makes Gumbo as unique as you seem to think it is?

Beside being a lot more manageable than the most-known CMS's, Gumbo comes with a spirit of its own. Although it has been built according to the evolved MVC architecture and uses the latest PHP release, Gumbo might not provide you with the latest gimmicks or trendy gadgets that other names sometimes provide, but you know in the end you will have just what you had come for - and it is there to stay. Say goodbye to projects that look great at first but only to later ruin your day because of an upgrade you did not even really need.

Partly because it was written from scratch, Gumbo is a bit like that dish that took you hours to prepare but you know it will only taste right in the end and you perfectly know what's in it because you yourself have put it there. It could also be a bit like that country house you have been building on your week-ends, you know it inch by inch and just like you know it will not betray you, it's as solid as a rock, there is your own soul in it and you will always be able to count on it - no surprises - it's yours alone, you just love it and it will stay that way.

Is Gumbo free?

Yes, Gumbo-CMS is completely free of charge. It falls under the jurisdiction of the GPL V2 License. Please see LICENSE.txt for details.